What it takes to be a boss in the Canadian fashion industry

Since our inception in 2011, Boss Magazine has been creating our path and leadership as a magazine worth celebrating. Boss explores the inner workings of fashion and beauty to profile already established designers, while raising the platform which celebrates the talent brewing within our city. We take readers behind the scenes, on the runway, and within the studios where the art of fashion is grown.


Boss is changing the mold; we are not trend followers, we are trend setters. Our community birds-eye-view narrows in on the culture, vibrancy, and individuality of the people who are central to the pulse of Boss. We communicate to our readers that we see them, we hear them, and most importantly we appreciate them. As Boss Magazine continues to grow, we will be on a continuous motion of presenting quality artistry and ingenuity.


Boss Magazine is making a difference in our community

Boss Magazine was birthed in the Jane and Finch community and is a youth-led magazine. We at Boss want to provide an outlet for the youth that dispels the negative images that stigmatize this community. Boss provides an avenue for the youth to develop valuable skills through workshops, work experience and mentorship by professionals in their careers of interest.

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