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Tasheka Mason


Tasheka Mason (TASHEKA meaning; Wisdom, prone to selfsacrifice and peacemaker. MASON; from an old French word of German origin meaning “to make or stone worker”) is the third child of four on both of her parents’ sides. According to the Akan day names, her day name is Adjua which is connected to the day she was born, Monday, which means “peacemaker, humorous, devoted to helping others, and responsible.” With that being said, Tasheka is devoted to helping the young people around her achieve excellence and to helping her community grow. A resident of Scarborough, she is currently the volunteer executive director at Healin’Scars, the 2013 Youth Legacy Award recipient at YCF (United Way), a selected member on the first Premier’s Counsel On Youth Opportunities, the chair of the board at Redemption Reintegration Services, and is in the process of holding an exclusive event for her new company TM3; A Vintage vs Modern Wear Night Out Networking/Launch event. Boss caught up with our latest Superhero to ask her a few questions.


Q: What is your superhero motto?


A: Humility is key. Always be a life long learner.
In order to lead, one must know how to strategically follow. A struggle that started years ago and a journey that has just begun.


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