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Michie Mee – A Female Rapper Who Followed Through


Born in St. Andrew, Kingston, Jamaica and later raised in Toronto, Michie‘s journey began when she was in high school. Growing up, Michie had many talents, rapping being one of them. She was a hardcore athlete, seeing as she was involved in track and field, gymnastics and soccer. She ran Canadian Junior Track & Field and she was an Ontario finalist in soccer.


But her talents don‘t end there. While being a popular athlete, Michie loved to study and she always had a book in her hand, which contributed to her skills in writing. Since she was a child, her teachers warned her about this gift.


“I went up to Grade 13 and I was always at the cafeteria doing my homework. So because I was such a bookworm there and athletic, it was easy for me to write because I read a lot. I really was an avid reader when I was young. I remember my Grade 6 teacher warned me of my gift. And then my Grade 8 teacher, when she read my poetry, warned me of this gift. And then in Grade 13, in English, when hip-hop was new, I got to perform for the class, and my teacher warned me of this gift!” she laughs as she reminisces her past.


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